Thanks to the large diameters and the more technological fin profiles of our ceiling fans, you can prevent heat stress and considerably reduce the discomfort of your animals. The system operation is guaranteed by an electronic multifunction control unit, which manages temperature, relative humidity, air speed and the temperature perceived by the “THI” animal.

Full safety is achieved with the aluminium “fall-proof” blades. Perfect functionality with a low rotation speed and maximum noiselessness, and a valid fin profile to optimise performance and air volumes. Reduction gears with an optional inverter are built into each machine. The BIG FANS can be used both during summer and winter, always with the best climatic results.

The novelty of using new generation Brushless Torque motors guarantees a notable energy saving, while maintaining the same air performance and reducing the “maintenance” due to the lack of gear reducer.

The Brushless Motor is powered by special electronic control unit, installed in a sealed box (IP55) with large dimensions for heat dissipation.


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