Maccarese Training Center: courses and meeting

In 2018 the Training Center for the agro - zootechnical development was established in Maccarese, Rome (Italy).

It is the first example of a training and development association in Italy that involves main agri-food operators who deal with management, development and research in the agro-zootechnical field. 

Arienti is proud to take part to this initiative, together with trade associations, partners in the scientific and research world, leading companies in the zootechnical world and agro-industrial multinationals.

The Center, located in the natural reserve of the Rome coast, is situated in the "Castello di San Giorgio" of Maccarese in Fiumicino, Rome. 

Various training courses, open to anyone who wishes to deepen the subject, are organized, as well as congresses, meetings and conventions for 2019.

Download the brochure for the event program.




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