The ELEMENTS® PROGRAM in action on the Mirra brothers’ farm.

At the AIA (Italian Breeders Association) inspection on 14 July 2021, the average production in the Friesian cows of the Mirra brothers’ barn (Caserta), which uses the Elements Program, was 41.3 kg of milk at an average of 220 days of lactation, with 35% of primiparous and 57.5% of cows with more than 40 kg of milk, despite the height of summer.

The plant is equipped with 3 water lines and a series of #fans. The combination of showers/fans in the feeding lane, waiting room and cubicles, the result of a study based on the needs of the animals and the farm, was the ideal solution for lactating cows.

Preventing heat stress with the Elements Program has allowed the Mirra brothers to have excellent breeding and production figures even in summer:

  • In June, 70% of pregnancy diagnoses were positive.
  • Milk production did not drop significantly (only 1.6-1.7 kg/head)
  • No drop in ingestion.
  • In the last 2 days milk production has even increased (80 litres)

We will continue this collaboration to further improve the welfare of your cows.

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