Dal 1970 a supporto dell’Allevatore


Since 1970, Arienti, combining research and innovation, has been producing systems for the livestock and industrial sectors, striving every day to satisfy the needs of the individual customer, with passion, dedication and organisation. Arienti has also developed and patented proprietary products.

Arienti distributes equipment and accessories to more than 4,000 customers in Italy and abroad, and is always available for after-sales support. Our company believes that scientific research and empirical experience gained in dealing with customers is the best guarantee of the quality of the solutions offered.

With the launch and the results of the Elements Program, able to combine greater animal welfare with an increase in production and consequent higher profits for the breeder, Arienti is today one of the most innovative and qualified companies in the sector.

Our working philosophy

Cattle must be cared for and given all the attention they need. This is the philosophy that guides the activity of Arienti & C., a company that initially focused on the exclusive importation into Italy of the first historical systems for cattle, and then distinguished itself both as a producer of systems and as an official distributor of equipment in the field of dairy cattle welfare. Today, the company is particularly concerned with heat stress, which affects the animal’s state of health and consequently milk production and fertility: cattle are able to thermoregulate themselves without suffering from the cold, but are unable to do the same in the heat. Thanks to the study of the temperature/humidity relationship, Arienti & C. designs specific machines for thermoregulation based on sensors and manufactures water-based cooling systems, so that animals always feel well and never fatigued.

ARIENTI | Our history

The history of Arienti began in 1970 with the idea of Giancarlo Arienti, later joined by his son Paolo, with the creation of systems, accessories and equipment for zootechnical well-being and systems for the industrial and commercial sector.
In the 1980s, after observing how “sick” the cows were in the summer and after an in-depth course on air conditioning, the idea of developing systems to cool the air in the cowsheds using fans with added water was born.
The study of cooling and microclimate in dairy cattle farms continued with an in-depth study carried out together with the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Faculty of Agriculture) of Piacenza, a study and report presented at the Cremona Fair congress centre on 24 September 1998.
In 2008 Paolo Arienti presented the first BIG FAN introduced in Italian dairy cattle farms.
In 2016, a collaboration with Dr. Israel Flamenbaum gave rise to the Elements Program.

To date, the Elements Program implemented by Arienti has proven to be one of the most revealing and cost-effective systems for Italian and foreign ruminant herds.

Our values

The values that guide us, for which we wish to be identified and appreciated, are the same values that inspire our daily work.

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