Windbraker shading nets

Installing windbreak shading nets will improve the welfare of your animals and enhance their productivity.

Too much heat or wind can be detrimental to the animal and its productivity.

The sun and the wind are two forces of nature that, if you want, you can manage them in your barn as you wish, which will definitely improve the well-being of your animals and their productivity. It is not difficult, on the contrary, it is simple and practical with the installation of our shading and windbreak nets, of excellent construction quality and material used, to guarantee your cows a high reduction in the intensity of sunlight and the force of the wind.

We manufacture and install fixed or motorised shading and windbreak nets, made entirely of stabilised polyethylene monofilament, with a tightly woven, ladder-proof weave, which is highly resistant to wear and tear.

The fixed net is made with a galvanised support structure, a border reinforced with 50 mm webbing and spaced “V180” eyelets.

The motorised net can be manufactured in any size and, normally, the shaft on which it is wound is anchored to the centre of the net so that, in the closed position, the tube can act as reinforcement between one pillar and another. A three-phase motor from 0.55 to 0.75 kW is fitted (depending on the size of the installation), as well as a control unit and the possibility of adding 2 optional: remote control and an anemometer (indicates the direction and intensity of the wind).

The automatic advancement for milking parlours is the ideal system for educating and accustoming cows to advancing calmly, without scaring them and without exerting any kind of violence on them.