Elements Program

The Arienti method is the result of

an exclusive collaboration with

Prof. Israel Flamenbaum


Program Elements is the solution to combat heat stress

Our aim is to keep constant the animals' body temperature

These objectives are achievable:

  •  To keep ingestion constant
  •  To limit dropping in milk production
  •  To keep milk quality consistently high
  •  To minimize loss of fertility
  •  To limit stress to the immune system caused by excessive heat


The program is based on the S/W index

S/W (Summer/Winter) index calculates seasonal differences in the yield of dairy cattle.

The index is calculated on the grounds of milk yield.

The S/W index shows to what extent the herd suffers in the summer season, enabling the breeder to adopt the best strategies aimed at limiting losses in yield and fertility caused by high temperatures in the cowshed. It also enables a simple assessment of the results achieved in the course of the years, thanks to a cooling system.

The country which has perfected the S/W index is Israel, where it has been used for many years as an integrated management parameter in everyday activities.

In Israel the 2017 S/W index on farms was:

  • 0.98% in 23% of herds
  • 0.95% in 66% of herds
  • 0.91% in 11% of herds

In Italy the average S/W index is about 0.88 (Arienti & c. company data)





For more details, download the PDF.

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